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I suffered from chronic IBS for many years which then developed into depression and anxiety.  I felt like I had tried every health professional under the sun and although some strategies worked, nothing eased my suffering long term.  But then I started seeing Michael regularly and in only a few short months, my life was completely transformed.  Almost all of my IBS symptoms are a distant memory and I am now armed with some amazing strategies to manage my depression and anxiety.   Michael is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and made me feel incredibly comfortable in his presence.  I had complete trust in him that he would ease my suffering and would recommend his services to anyone who thinks they have tried everything else already!

E, 2018

I regularly say that the best money I spent last year was on our sessions. I reference them constantly and feel they were crucial in my recovery and continue to help me in my everyday life. I was amazed by how beneficial talking to you was, and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone experiencing pain in recovery from pain. 

I had never talked to anyone of your profession before beginning our sessions but found our time to be open, judgment-free and cathartic. There was nothing I felt I could not mention and I am very grateful for having discovered the healing power I experienced as a result of our sessions.

From B to Michael, 2019

After experiencing increasingly worrisome and irritating digestive symptoms, which were seemingly unjustified, I visited Michael. Breaking down the complex connections between body systems, Michael explained how an unrecognised trauma in my nervous system was affecting the functioning of my digestive system and in turn my eating habits.

By applying Somatic Experiencing (SE), a technique used to release the energy produced from certain physical sensations associated with traumatic memories, I was able to remove the emotional pain I had experienced from my trauma. Following only a few short sessions using SE, my normal lifestyle returned, and I was able to carry on with regular activities. Thus, the therapy Michael used was extremely effective and I am so grateful for how quickly I was able to recover from the trauma I suffered.

I cannot commend Michael enough for the passion and knowledge he has for his field. The rapport he built with me created a calming environment where I was comfortable sharing all my concerns without feeling judged or embarrassed. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone suffering from trauma or chronic pain, he was a pleasure to work with!

C, 2019

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